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When heraldry was no longer used on body armour and heraldic devices had become a part of civilian life, intricate designs evolved with esoteric significance utterly at variance with heraldry’s original purpose.

As heraldry developed its elaborate technical language and as armorial display expanded in subsequent centuries, so the importance and consequent status of heralds grew.

So what you have is a man who knows what he is doing and doesn’t care what other people think about it.

BIOS Package Detection Script (At least version 1.0.4): Mgr/Config Mgr/blob/master/Operating System Deployment/BIOS/Invoke-CMDownload BIOSPackage.ps1 In order to cater for Lenovo systems we have created an update script which looks at the content of the downloaded package and determines the update method to apply.

This was required as Lenovo have two different methods using either their Win UPTP or Flash CMD utilities.

The Rick-O-Sound box or similar assembly allows the 40 basses to be played in "stereo" which really means the neck pickup will play through one amp and the bridge pickup plays through another amp.

The 4003 bass from 79'to '85 had the truss rod adjustments at the body end of the neck with a 2 piece pickguard for easier access to the adjustments.

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