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The past year has seen a healthy burst of literary talent from established and emerging authors alike.

From authors such as George Saunders, an American writer who excels in short fiction, we get the outstanding experimental novel .

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Buy now As you might have guessed by the title, Nicola Barker is a writer with a well-known fondness for eccentric writing.

Barker sets her latest novel, H(a)ppy, in a future utopia-dystopia, where all humanity’s afflictions (disease, war, pain and all the rest) have been remedied.

It’s a world characterised by its monotony and lifelessness – something that would make H(a)ppy an intolerably dull read if it weren’t for the exquisite and unpredictable prose that earned Barker this year’s Goldsmith Prize.

Barker has written of how she strives for “fluidity” in her writing, and fluidity is without a doubt the most prominent feature of this novel, which dips into poetry as abruptly as it springs up a diagram.

Buy now , newly translated from Spanish into English, is less a novel than a half-fictionalised biography of Enric Marco, a former anarchist and trade unionist who, emboldened by the nationwide introspection of post-Franco Spain, wrote and spoke vociferously about his experiences in German concentration camps – experiences that were, in 2005, exposed as falsehoods. Leader with a goatee Leader with Roosevelt and Leader's aid Leader's cry, said with a Leader's gift including driving licence, say Leader's liable to be entertained by relative killer Leader's missing island, Rhodes perhaps Leader's name that's etym Leader's place Leader, flipping dope - mad, not all there! Leader of coup deposing prince and extortionist Leader of Exodus boarding ship to follow second prophet Leader of fashion Leader of football's 31-DLeader of France Leader of Green party's accents Leader of historic capital manoeuvring around old banger Leader of Islam Leader of leaders? Leader of men fools the people Leader of philosophical s Leader of pop music's 31-Leader of pre-1917 Russia Leader of reformers' 31-DLeader of Republicans plugging inane plan Leader of revolt liable to be transported Leader of society inclined to be stiff Leader of the Alamo siege Leader of the All-Starr BLeader of the Argonauts, Leader of the Autumn Harv Leader of the Fauvist mov Leader of the Gang, in 70Leader of the Limelites, Leader of the Lost Boys Leader of the Medicine Sh Leader of the Mel-Tones Leader of the One Israel Leader of the pack Leader of the pack hidden Leader of the pack? 1987Leader of the Silver Bull Leader of the squad tried to change step Leader of the Untouchable Leader of thieves is out of time holding up miners, resisting attacks Leader of visible magnitude, apostle converted unbeliever, finally Leader on the field Leader opposed by the Bol Leader overthrown in 1917Leader succeeded by his b Leader to advise duke about campaign medal Leader to call tabloid newspaper’s bluff Leader until 1917Leader who claimed to hav Leader who died 27 days a Leader who said "All reac Leader who said "There is Leader whom Virgil called Leader with 15D?The novel focuses on a family Christmastime drama in which the past, present, truths and lies merge and entwine to such a degree than the pursuit of truth and order becomes pointless, and the characters’ best bet is to try and draw some harmony out of the discord.Ali Smith’s tells the story of two girls – Jewish twins, Pearl and Stasha – who are sent to Auschwitz and become patients of Josef Mengele, the infamous “doctor” whose repulsive experiments on living subjects prompted a decades-long, ultimately fruitless manhunt.

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