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-- See if you can "shadow" a friend, neighbor, or relative with a job you may be interested. Includes making and tending food gardens at faith institutions and distributing the food. will answer any and all questions you've ever had about what you see on a daily basis and how it works -- Volunteer for the Lincoln Park Zoo: 312-742-2124 - just one example!!

you'll get employment experience, you'll learn about marketing, sales, and networking, and, best of all, you'll make some cash! In 2011 one the community Gourd Award and grant from the Urban Health Initiative.--Visit to learn about summer science programs in Chicago and around the nation!

“One Summer Chicago” is a joint summer initiative between City & County to provide more than 185,000 summer opportunities for Chicago’s youth (Ages 6 -24).

One will focus on safety and violence, the other on health.

CYS, CAPS and Clear Channel Radio have "Chicago Voices Against Violence." Neighbor Sports was offered until 10 p.m. And the Park District at least did keep 17 swimming pools open until 9 p.m.

It is designed to engage youth in a broad range of summer activities that are fun, healthy and safe.

Starting Monday, parents and youth can go to apply for over 17,000 summer jobs through a common application form, and also provides program and registration information on more than 168,000 other recreational activities for young people.

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