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The Baltic Klint is 1200 kilometres long, its width 3-5 km. There are 4 main sections of the escarpment not all visible to the human eye as it snakes in and out of sea and terrain: Õland Klint, Baltic Sea Klint, North Estonian Klint and the Ingermanland Klint. Alvars (organic growth in thin soil on limestone plains), as well as gorges (palaeoincisions) and 33 water descents abound on the North Estonian Klint. Early records of watermills erected on rapids and cascades date back to 1241, and in the 1920's a rush of small hydro-power stations appeared on waterfalls.In 1955 the enormous flow of the Narva Waterfall was redirected to the turbines of the Narva Hydropower Station.I have been fortunate because it has been so with me and I am really proud that I can call myself an Estonian." Friedrich Reinhold Kreuzwald. She cooks the barley in a very large pot, later transferring the barley to a larger vat in order to add and mix the ingredients together. The mixing is done in two stages as the ingredient load is large.Each year a huge batch of sausages are made at the Kembi Talu in Surrey, B. beginning with Jaak Selde doing the bulk of the purchasing. The sausage mixture is then fed into a commercial sausage-making machine and the casings are put onto the machine nozzle.Another contender for attention is the capped limestone Niagara Escarpment winds westward from Rochester, N. around Lake Ontario forming a deep gorge at Niagara and continues through Hamilton (nicknamed "the Mountain") and up through Milton, the Bruce Peninsula, Manitoulin Island and Michigan before it turns southward into Wisconsin finishing near the Illinois border not far from Chicago. My friend had the idea to write an anthology of Estonian literature in English in 2003 but she has moved on and I like Siurulind (the Blue Bird), I fly on alone.I was once afraid of this project (Estonians critics can be fire breathing dragons).Maaleht is a weekly newspaper with the largest circulation (44, 000) in Estonia.More than 122 000 Estonians read Maaleht every week.

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The paper follows in a long tradition of an Estonian weekly aimed at country folks - The Tartu Peasants Weekly Paper (Tarto maa rahwa Näddali-Leht) was first published in 1806.

It’s possible that Lääneranniku Eesti Päevad, the biannual West Coast Estonian Days' cultural programme has kept the traditional folk-dancing on its feet so to speak.

The next such Days will be held in Seattle, Washington from August 26 to 30, 2009 where skirts will twirl and rustle.

On August 23, 1989, the 50th anniversary of the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact, 2 million people (Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians) formed a human chain from Tallinn to Vilnius protesting Soviet rule. Vasakult neljas rida: Teas Tanner, Hans Rand, Hans Selde, Sigrid Zilberts, Helle Sepp, Juta Kitching, Viivi Alexander, Aino Uus, Väino Jõemets, Eva Vabasalu, Raul Vabasalu, Aare Vabasalu, Vello Püss, Harri Talve, Viktor Remmelg On Saturday, April 25th Keerutajad put on its annual performance of song and folk-dance.

There are 20 in the group, average age 65, who faithfully practise every Monday night through spring fall and winter accompanied by pianist Tarmo Viitre.

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