Druze men dating

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S., providing spiritual, educational and professional support for the diaspora.While Masri is unsure about the future of the religion, he thinks that the community around it will carry on.“Not only are there a limited amount of people, you have to find the people first and then the people you get along with and then the people you can be with, so it brings down your ratios to zero,” says Lema Saab, a college student and first-generation American Druze from Los Angeles.She says it is important for her to marry someone who is Druze, but the struggle to find a partner has led many to look beyond the faith.Last year, the issue of Druze intermarriage came to public attention thanks to Amal Alamuddin, the Druze Lebanese-British human rights lawyer who made headlines for marrying the actor George Clooney.Her grandmother was reportedly not thrilled about the match, complaining in the Lebanese press, “So what happened? ” In addition to the spiritual retreats, some Druze are approaching the question of community longevity from a more secular angle.

The Druze have persisted for over a thousand years, but for American Druze, ensuring that their community will survive past the 21st century has meant facing difficult questions about striking a balance between religion and secular culture. As a result, the majority of Druze Americans are relatively uninformed about their faith, and many don’t even have Arabic language skills.Because he’s from a Druze background, it’s simple, it’s easy, it’s comfortable,” he said.The Druze American community is small and tight-knit, which exacerbates what is likely the biggest challenge to its continued existence: Since marrying outside the faith is prohibited, finding a partner who isn’t just a good match but also Druze can feel nearly impossible.Calling themselves Al-Muwahhidun (believers in the oneness of God), the Druze stress a strict monotheism that incorporates Greek philosophy and Vedic elements such as reincarnation.The religion is sometimes regarded as secretive because of its distance from outsiders and because of its strict adherence to endogamy, or marriage within the community.

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