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An estranged African-American family from the deep South is forced to confront their painful past when as they come together to celebrate the life and legacy of the woman whose death served as the catalyst for renewed family bonds in this redemptive family drama starring Hill Harper, Billy Dee Williams, and Lesley Ann Warren.Carmel Boxer (Gabrielle Union) has passed away, and her entire family has returned to Huntsville, Alabama to pay their final respects.

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hill harper dating gabrielle union-47

That's really what Chris was able to bring to me that was unique from other directors.

But he handled it all very, very well." She says the the spirit of Rock's free-wheeling, anything-goes standup act infuses the film, which has received glowing reviews since its September Toronto International Film Festival premiere. It's a different kind of role for him, even though it might seem playing a standup comedian would be easy for him.

But I really watched him blossom as an actor and as a director as well on the set." She feels he brought out in her emotional notes and layers she hadn't accessed before on screen.

A definite presence at her hubby's Miami Heat games, she caused a buzz when she jokingly interrupted a recent live post-game interview Fox Sports did with him. “It was OK,” she deadpanned about his performance to the bemused sideline reporter and to viewers, while styling a black fedora over her long black locks to match her basic black dress.

“I mean, a hamstring pull, wow, to come back with 27 points.

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