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Ludo’s third endeavor, Trois Familia, is brunch-only comfort food in a Silver Lake strip mall, where diners can chow down hash brown chilaquiles, churro french toast, and chicken Milanesa with Maggi ranch.

Restaurants: Estrella Watching Dakota Weiss in any episode of Season 9, it was easy to see that she’s a sensitive soul with a love of dangly earrings and black eyeliner, but her just-opened Estrella in West Hollywood is like hanging out at a low-key haute hippie gathering in the Hollywood Hills, or the expensive part of Venice, being served treats like ahi tuna niçoise and rose and pomegranate panna cotta... The half indoor, half outdoor space gives off an atrium feel -- comfy seating, shrubbery, a vibrant brunch crowd, and dishes of honey, truffles, and fresh greens gliding by.

From the starters grab an order of the beets, with heaps of shaved fennel and chunks of yuzu.

Be sure to also try the white miso black cod with dashi and wasabi greens.

Grab a seat at the communal, talk to Alex, and realize there's no way he'd ever steal peaanything! It would have been super helpful to have subtitles for him -- even when he was speaking English. He'll kiss your mama on the cheek, he'll pour your date's olive oil for her, and he'll talk you into ordering extra burrata, which makes total sense because, burrata is the best.

Then order up duck confit matzo ball soup and salmon pastrami on an everything bagel. , was to be a REALLY GOOD example for her daughter/ being "The Black Hammer." Lofaso's behind the Italian menu at the stunning Venice osteria, Scopa, and the pub-grub at the Valley's standby, Black Market. Viviani splits his time between No Ho's Firenze Osteria and Moorpark's Café Firenze, both of which focus on -- SURPRISE!! Restaurants: The Gadarene Swine, Scratch Bar This accomplished young chef, who has yet to learn the art of the humble brag, owns two restaurants in LA, The Gadarene Swine and Scratch Bar, both of which have garnered plenty of positive praise thanks to menus that feel personable and well thought out.

Jacobson -- who did a stint at internationally revered Copenhagen restaurant Noma -- is almost always around.

Ask him what's good, or just go right for the Wagyu steak grilled in pine needles.

Be sure to also get an order of Chai tea french toast (!!! Restaurants: Mexikosher At Mexikosher, Tanabe gives kosher food more flavor than previously thought possible, allowing a community of eaters to enjoy the cuisine of Mexico, which LA holds so dear.

that was possibly stolen, (but probably not) (but maybe) (editing is everything).

Reznik’s Ditmas, is an ode to Jewish eats in West LA that's heavy on communal tables and Brooklyn-y interior details. Restaurants: Firenze Osteria and Café Firenze So Fabio Viviani wasn’t the easiest to understand.

Then wash it all down with one of their handcrafted cocktails.

Restaurants: Sweetsalt Food Shop, Cascabel During his short run on TCM, the Spanish-born, Dominican-raised Chef Alex Eusebio focused on Latin cuisine by preparing dishes like an unusual eggs Benedict -- an arepa topped with fried quail eggs and guava crème fraiche.

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