Intimidating whites

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His remarks to the people whom he met were published under big headlines in the News papers, so that the Negroes could read that they were not wanted in East St. Louis returned to the city after making his promise to the Farmers, Board of Trade and others who were interested in Negro labor. An investigation of the affair resulted in the finding that labor agents had induced Negroes to come from the South.Louis, but that did not deter the blackmen of Louisiana who were looking for better opportunities in the land of their birth going about the country looking for better conditions than the South offered with lynching and Jim Crowism. On the 5th of May the New Orleans Board of Trade elected Mr. I can hardly see the relevance of such a report with the dragging of men from cars and shooting them. America, that has been ringing the bells of the world, proclaiming to the nations and the peoples thereof that she has democracy to give to all and sundry, America that has denounced Germany for the deportations of the Belgians into Germany, America that has arraigned Turkey at the bar of public opinion and public justice against the massacres of the Armenians, has herself no satisfaction to give 12,000,000 of her own citizens except the satisfaction of a farcical inquiry that will end where it begun, over the brutal murder of men, women and children for no other reason than that they are black people seeking an industrial chance in a country that they have laboured for three hundred years to make great.(cheers) Somewhere in the book of life we are told that “God created of one blood all nations of men to dwell on the face of the earth,” and after mankind, in scattered groups, had for thousands of years lived in their own spheres without trouble or molestation, promoting in their own way the course of peace and happiness, the white race, a party of this group, went out to enslave, conquer and rob the rights of the Peaceful.

With all the service that the Negro gave he is still a despised creature in the eye of the white people, for if he were not to them despised, the 900,000,000 of whites of this country would never allow such outrages as the East St. ) From the time of Livingstone to the present day the black man has always been kind to the white man.Jamaican political leader, who was a staunch proponent of the Black nationalism and Pan-Africanism movements, founder the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League (UNIA-ACL), founder of the Black Star Line, which promoted the return of the African diaspora to their ancestral lands. Louis Riot, or rather massacre, of Monday [July] 2nd, will go down in history as one of the bloodiest outrages against mankind for which any class of people could be held guilty. hear.) This is no time for fine words, but a time to lift one’s voice against the savagery of a people who claim to be the dispensers of democracy. (cheers) For three hundred years the Negroes of America have given their life blood to make the Republic the first among the nations of the world, and all along this time there has never been even one year of justice but on the contrary a continuous round of oppression.(cheers) I do not know what special meaning the people who slaughtered the Negroes of East. Louis have for democracy of which they are the custodians, but I do know that it has no literal meaning for me as used and applied by these same lawless people. At one time it was slavery, at another time lynching and burning, and up to date it is wholesome [wholesale? This is a crime against the laws of humanity; it is a crime against the laws of the nation, it is a crime against Nature, and a crime against the God of all mankind.On the second day when he was approached he said East St. On that day, May 28, crowds of white men after leaving the City Council stopped street cars and dragged Negroes off and beat them.Louis did not want the Negroes, and he then promised to do all in his power to prevent them going there. Then the night following three Negroes and two white men were shot.

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