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Of the many oddities in the case of Japanese researcher Hisashi Moriguchi, who admitted over the weekend to lying about a startling stem cell experiment, is how for years he managed to claim an affiliation with Harvard Medical School in Boston that did not exist.

You didn’t tart yourself up.” • Head-to-head with Patrick Dempsey, whose hair would win? • Their height: “We’re the tallest band in the world! Says bassist Mark Stoermer, 6’5″: “A lot of bands are like 5’5″.” The other guys: Vannucci, 6’2″, Flowers, 5’11”.

We strive to do the right thing.” • Cheesy pickup line: “Take off your bra so I can see it.” Want more? My favorite bar, without a doubt, is Lucky’s in South Boston. But there’s something hot about a girl at a game with a hat on just sitting there enjoying it.” ERICH JARVIS, PH. SEXIEST BRAIN RESEARCHER AGE: 41 STATUS: MARRIED, TWO KIDS SEE HIM AT: DUKE UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER, WHERE HE TEACHES NEUROBIOLOGY Jarvis heads a team of researchers who use songbirds to study vocal communication. “when you begin to figure out how nature works, you realize it’s beautiful.” • The best thing I’ve learned about myself … She might upgrade him if she got a look at Krasinski’s real-life résumé.

Watch our exclusive video with Dougray Scott TAYE DIGGS SEXIEST-JACK-OF-ALL-GENRES AGE: 35 STATUS: MARRIED TO ACTRESS IDINA MENZEL (WICKED) SEE HIM ON: ABC’S He’s done musicals, romance, comedy and now plays an action hero. It’s got a relaxed atmosphere and live music almost every night.” DOMINIC PURCELL SEXIEST DAD AGE: 36 STATUS: MARRIED, FOUR KIDS: JOSEPH, 7, AUDREY, 5, AND TWINS LILY (FAR LEFT) AND GUS, 3 SEE HIM ON: FOX’S .” • His weakness: “I am always spoiling my kids. “is how much more we are like the animals than what we are brought up to believe.” • People are surprised I know how to … I grew up dancing, and now I’m taking African dance classes with the undergrads. • Good sense of humor: “Being funny is one of my greatest strengths.

” ENRIQUE MURCIANO SEXIEST TV G-MAN AGE: 33 STATUS: SINGLE SEE HIM ON: CBS’S When Murciano, who plays an FBI missing persons expert, wants to lose himself, he can be found …

I also used to play folk guitar and sing in a Scottish folk band.” • Heritage: “My father was a Scottish traditionalist, and I share that. I really like to make cassoulet.” • Hobnobs: “People can’t believe I know how to socialize and have a good time. I’m not settling, which could be why I’m single.” • Between scenes … I’m working on a CD.” • Turn-on: “Even though I played college baseball, I’m not Johnny Sports Talker. To show affection even though you’re both tired, that’s romantic.” JOHN KRASINSKI SEXIEST His character Jim can’t make it past friends status with coworker Pam.

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