Qsub bad uid for job execution failed validating

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Next, let's set up the server process; in the following, replace 'SERVER.DOMAIN' with your box's fully-qualified domain name [].For complex and rarely used packaged you are often to nasty surprises. Also some packagers are pretty perverted and add to the package additional dependencies or configure is is a completely bizarre way.

If the machine you're installing Torque on doesn't have an official FQDN, a simple work-around is to invent one and assign it to the machine's network IP.

These options can be added to the self-extracting packages. Install torque on a single node Centos 6.4 - Discngine PBS is widely used as queuing system on small size to huge clusters.

This is just a little post to resume somehow all installation steps necessary to get a single node torque server running on Centos 6.4 (64bit). You can definitely manage intelligently a heavy workload on a single machine, but here we want to do this mainly for having a development framework around torque / PBS for bigger clusters..it'll just be a sort of testing environment.

As the node and the server is the same in our configuration, specify the same name as in the previous nodes file.

Finish the configuration with : All the following needs to be done as root on the box that will act as single-node cluster.

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