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She learned that he was still married to his wife of six years, Sonia, only after reading The Post on Monday. If I knew he was married, I wouldn’t have dated him,” insisted the leggy teen, who lives with her parents. At another place on the page, Guterman wrote: “I have an obsession with the Mets .

Asked how she felt after learning the catcher was still hitched, Guterman replied, “He’s a scumbag for lying to me.” The teen said that since Lo Duca is on the road a lot with the Mets, the hot pair were left to burn up the phone lines until they could hook up when he was in town. We still talk a lot on the phone.” The teen even dedicated part of her Web page to Lo Duca – and posted a sexy photo of her perched on his lap at The Coyote.

Fifty years ago, a woman such as Valantine would have been rare indeed.

Divorce was taboo and few women had the guts, let alone the financial means, to brave the social stigma of walking out on a decent husband simply because she felt there must be “something more”.

Lucy Valantine was approaching her fortieth birthday when she made the seemingly bizarre decision to leave her husband of five years. “We had a gorgeous Victorian house in the Home Counties, I had a great job with a blue-chip company, and my husband was a lovely chap.

“He’s fun – for an older man,” bombshell brunette Krista Guterman, 19, said of the All-Star stud, whose wife recently slapped him with divorce papers charging adultery. Lo Duca himself told WFAN radio yesterday morning that his divorce “is just one of those things where we’re going our separate ways. “I love my wife,” he said, dismissing claims she might have been a “gold digger.” “My first thought is, I don’t want this to be a distraction for my team,” Lo Duca said, flanked by two fellow star teammates – pitcher Tom Glavine and third baseman David Wright. I feel like I’ve been a part of it.” The catcher certainly has – and his hot streak only seems to have heated up since his wife slapped him with the divorce papers.

Relationship counsellor Andrew G Marshall, author of I Love You, I’m Just Not In Love With You, says he has noted a trend towards such splits.

“In the past 10 years, I’ve seen a huge increase in couples who don’t actually hate each other, they just don’t love each other enough to stick at it.

I., pickup joint, The Coyote – just after he returned from spring training and she from college. ” Guterman said she last heard from the Brooklyn-born Lo Duca when “he called me a couple of nights ago.” Lo Duca wanted to warn her that some news about him might hit the papers in the coming days, she said. As The Post exclusively reported, his Playboy-model wife filed for divorce June 30, charging “adultery.” A rep for the baseball player last night said he “knew nothing about” Guterman’s claims. Glavine stepped up to the plate only to add, “Hopefully, this will blow over very quickly.” A woman answering the phone at the Lo Duca family home in Arizona said everyone is trying to stay focused on the star catcher’s career upswing.

Guterman said that the red-hot slugger told her he was divorced when the tryst began. my love,” it read under the photos, which mysteriously disappeared along with the rest of her page yesterday. “We love our brother, and we’re supporting him with everything’s he’s going through,” she said. You should be talking about baseball.” Before hanging up, the woman, who identified herself as Lo Duca’s sister-in-law, said, “Go, Mets.” According to the divorce petition filed by Sonia Lo Duca, the couple “ceased to live together as husband and wife on or about April 19.” A source close to Paul Lo Duca has told The Post that his reputed extramarital dalliances began after the pair’s separation. As for claims that Lo Duca is a heavy gambler, the ballplayer said on WFAN and at his press conference that while he likes to bet, he’s not an addict.

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