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He organized the International VR Photography Conferences of Palmela 2011, New York City 2012 and Iceland 2013 as President of the IVRPA,org.

Being part of the Panedia team enables him to be truly immersed in 360° imaging from capturing 360° content to developing innovative systems and techniques that put Panedia at the forefront of the 360° Photography and Video revolution, or has he puts it, is like being a kid in candy land…

In building our systems we’ve written over 125,000 lines of code in many languages including: PHP, Python, ASP, Javascript, HTML5, CSS, Actionscript, Photoshop Script.Specialising in website content management, online mapping technology and system architecture.Developing creative pioneering methods to view and interact with the ultimate panoramic encyclopaedia.This is doubly so for the highly technical photographic niche of 360 panoramas, where Aaron has been a world leader for much of the past decade.A vast amount of work goes into Research & Development to ensure Panedia is always producing the best work available, in the shortest possible time.

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