What couples started dating from biggest loser

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I just sliced half a banana in the bottom of a bowl, added 2 Tbsp of chia seeds, some vanilla (I just squirted it in there, maybe 1/4-1/2 a tsp) and a squirt of agave. He grew up in the country and was very very active in sports growing up.

I then added 7 TBSP of almond milk and let it gel up in the fridge. :) Reply First of all that salad looks amazing…I will def. Now he works full time in an office and isn’t as active as he used to be.

I attribute his gain to working nights, stress of his job and good ole cerveza! I would definitely say that with all my more past serious relationships I have gained weight. With my current boyfriend I’m trying to take control of the cooking more, so I know what we are eating! We were both very thin when we met several years ago, but since moving in together and getting married, we have both gained. It’s so easy to be convinced to order a pizza or have that second drink.

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We’ve fallen off the wagon time and time again, we’re only human.

During the 1.5yrs he worked that job he gained 15lbs!

Within 6mo of him getting laid off he had lost about 10lbs of that..he’s much more active now, especially since we live in CO.

Reply I definitely gained a lot of weight when I got with my current boyfriend, and he’s put on 20 or so pounds. I’d imagine that it’d be pretty hard eating separately! :) I would say me and my husband have lost weight together over our 12 year relationship.

I’ve really changed my eating and exercise habits dramatically over the last year and have shed 50 and am at my lowest weight since… I guess the key is moderation, portion control and slight alterations. We were both at our highest weight when we met and the most unhealthy.

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