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It’s a drag race to the finish for Jesse James and his new wife, Alexis De Joria.The high-speed duo exchanged vows Sunday in Malibu, according to People.star is opening up about their highly publicized split.The 46-year-old reality star split with Bullock in April 2010, after several women claimed to have affairs with him while he was still married to the 51-year-old Oscar winner.WATCH: FLASHBACK -- Sandra Bullock Was as Charming as Ever in 1989"I think losing my son that I adopted, for sure -- not being able to see him and see him grow up and all that stuff," James candidly says during his upcoming appearance on Yahoo Sports' ."Whether that's fair, whether I should've lost a kid due to infidelity -- which I don't think anybody ever does -- but I think with 'Hollywood law,' that's totally fair.""I made mistakes and did stuff that I shouldn't have," he further admits.

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